SECP Company Registration


Starting a business is daunting task and its important to start your business legally in order to gain trust in the market and avoid troubles from local authorities.

SECP (Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan) is a regulatory authority to register any business in Pakistan.


Any company registered with SECP is legal entity and can operate anywhere in Pakistan, can open a bank account, hire employees and conduct any business in relevant industry.

Type of Companies

SMC-Pvt Ltd.

SMC(Single Member Company) is for individual businessmen, consultants and self employed people. Anyone doing own its own with no other shareholder in business should register SMC-Pvt. Ltd.

As any other Private Limited company, SMC-Pvt. Ltd. is registered with SECP and enjoys all the benefits of standard Private Limited Company. And additional partners can be added at later stage too.

Private Limited (Pvt) Ltd.

Private Limited companies are more trustworthy than other formations.

Govt. of Pakistan is no longer supporting firm registrations from local registrar.

Every standard private limited company is required to have minimum two partners. Shareholding percentage is discretion of partners (company owners). SECP has no say in the matter of partner’s mutual arrangements.

Foreign Company Registration

Foreign company registration is required for any company already working internationally and decides to initiate its operations in Pakistan. There are various considerations and formulations for foreign company registration.

Any foreign company engaging any place of business to conduct business in Pakistan is required to register with SECP.

Form 30 to 43 are required for foreign company registration.

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